Women are, at times, dissatisfied with breast reconstruction results following mastectomies and re constructive surgery. This could be because most available pictures of enhanced or reconstructed breasts are of cosmetic breast surgeries. Seeking to ease the minds of mastectomy patients, two Royal Perth Hospital breast care nurse counselors, Lesley Kydd and Sheryl Reid, have developed a digital picture gallery that contains real images.

Gallery Features
a. It contains before and after images of women who had undergone breast cancer or prophylactic breast surgery.
b. The gallery also matches age, bra size, ethnicity and also the type of surgery that has been recommended for a patient.
c. It helps women in forming a realistic expectation from surgeons.
d. It offers women a chance to make an informed decision.
e. It helps them decide if they want to subject themselves to reconstructive surgery after mastectomy.
f. It is sponsored and supported by the Breast Cancer Foundation of WA Inc.
g. This is the first gallery of its kind.
h. This is a free service to women diagnosed with breast cancer or those who are thinking of going in for prophylactic mastectomy.
i. These images cannot be viewed on the internet.

Accessing the gallery
a. A patient has to fill out a referral form by herself or get it done by her health care provider.
b. These forms can be downloaded from .
c. It is also available with BSG Consultants and health care professionals.
d. A BSG Consultant contacts the patient and the doctor after receipt of the referral form.
e. For further information, one can also mail .
f. The telephone number of BSG is 0423 764 342 and the fax number is +61 8 9224 1684.