Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer today. Though women are the primary victims, it is also detected in some men though this is a rare occurrence. With the recent advancements in the medical field, breast cancer patients do not have to fear death any more. There are better and more advanced treatment procedures which have pushed-up the survival rates. Experts have advised women patients to be more vigilant and take extra care to detect breast cancer symptoms at an early stage.

Breast cancer survival guide for women
a. Survival rate of breast cancer is 97 to 98 per cent if it is detected at an early stage.
b. A woman should have a mammogram done every year after crossing 40 years of age.
c. Getting an ultrasound done can help detect breast cancer at an early stage.
d. Needle biopsy is also another minimally invasive procedure of detecting breast cancer.
e. A breast cancer patient can go in for the lumpectomy procedure where only the cancerous tissues are removed.
f. Bilateral mastectomy can be adopted to prevent further recurrence of the disease.
i. Radiation can be done through a small internal balloon which directs it to the exact cancerous site.
j. Chemotherapy is also an option though it can leave a person feeling drained and weak.