There is now an innovative breast augmentation procedure thast does not use any implants. Developed by a Denver based plastic surgeon, Dr. John Millard, the Vaser High Def procedure is a combination of art and technology that plays with light and shadow to give breasts a bigger look.

Highlights of the Vaser High Def procedure
a. This is an advanced liposuction procedure.
b. It involves the use of an ultrasound probe to melt away unwanted fat.
c. It produces the illusion of bigger breasts.
d. The surgeon sculpts the fat beneath the breast to give it a bigger look.
e. This procedure can be performed in a doctor's office.
f. Recuperation time is much less than traditional procedures.
g. It does not lead to any nerve, blood vessels or connective tissue damage.
h. It involves the use of local anesthesia.
i. It is a cheaper procedure.

It is a painful procedure.


About $3,000