A new vote by Arizona state senators heralds good news for women who wish to go in for breast augmentation surgery. Senators voted unanimously to give a tax break to women who choose go in for this procedure. Till now women had to pay 5.6 per cent sales tax on such procedures.

Highlights of the tax break
a. The Department of Revenue will not levy sales tax on prosthetic devices prescribed or recommended by a health professional.
b. This is meant to stop the state from taxing breast implants.
c. Implants will not be taxable only if they are used for reconstruction after surgery or to "repair congenitally unformed breasts.''
d. If it is used for other purposes like reforming the shape of the breasts or augmenting their size, it will be taxed.
e. This means that state revenues will come down by about $300,000 to $400,000 a year.
f. There was no testimony against the bill.
g. The bill will now go to the House.