Women suffering with breast cancer are generally upset, due to the fact that in 90% of the cases the breast will be removed. There is lack of awareness among women about all the options available for breast reconstruction. To overcome this problem and aid women in
making informed decisions, Dr.David Morwood a plastic surgeon, has developed a 2 hour DVD that explains various options for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. It is believed to be the only tool of its kind for women who are interested in breast reconstruction. The DVD is released on Internet on Oct 23, 2006. The 2 hour DVD is available for free at

DVD by Dr. David Morwood
a. The DVD presents a detailed review of all breast reconstruction options and issues, such as tissue expanders or implants, and the use of back or abdominal tissues to form the breast.
b. It discusses timing options for the surgery. It reviews surgery on the other breast for symmetry and reconstruction of the nipple areola.
c. The DVD presentation includes testimonials and stories told by patients who have gone through the procedures. Dozens of nationally renowned doctors and surgeons appear, 'just to give women other perspectives.
d. The newest version includes sections on preventive mastectomies, for women with a high risk of breast cancer, the psychological impact of breast surgery and a section in Spanish
Currently, Dr.Morwood is looking for donars to sponsor the DVD to make it a free service.