Cup%26Up-Minimally-Invasive-Mastopexy.jpg Aesthetic breast surgery is invasive and is a complex procedure with many associated risks like scarring, inconvenience and long recovery periods. Bearing this in mind, an Israeli start up company, MIM is developing a minimally invasive procedure called the Minimally Invasive Mastopexy ( MIM ). The breast support kit used in this procedure is called Cup&Up. This procedure is being tested on pigs at the moment.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is a minimally invasive procedure.
b. This procedure will be used to resculpt the breast.
c. It will support and lift the soft tissues of the breast.
d. This procedure will interfere with both internal and external breast tissues in a major way.
e. However, this is a comparatively expensive procedure.
f. In this procedure, a silicon bra is inserted into the body and attached to the ribs and to the fascia.
g. It gives a more natural look.
h. It requires just 2 small incisions through which the device is attached to the ribs.
i. Human trials are scheduled to begin in a few months time.