erdic-breast-enhancement-pills.jpg A New Zealand man and his company Erdic New Zealand Limited, has been charged with making false claims about a wonder tablet that can enhance breasts. The Commerce Commission claims that the claims of the brochures and websites of this company are not backed by scientific research. If charged, they could face a fine of more than $4.68 million. However, this tablet has apparently been medically tested at the Nové Mesto nad Vahom Hospital and Health Centre in Slovakia by Dr. Pavol Durdík, Dr. Jela Kubalová and Dr. Miroslav Šorf in the Department of Gynaecology. According to the results 90 per cent women experienced an increase in bust size.

Manufacturer’s claims
a. These tablets are hailed as a natural alternative to surgical breast implants.b. It is said to enlarge breasts by up to four cup sizes.
c. In New Zealand, the distributor for the tablets is Mitchell.
d. It is said to be 100 per cent natural.
e. It stimulates the growth of the glandular breast tissue.
f. It is said to contain substances that have been consumed by human beings since ancient times.
g. The ingredients are said to come from crops that are grown according to European legislation.
h. This pill is preservative free and contains no artificial colours or animal fats.
i. A tablet a day for at least 6 months is recommended for best results.
j. It is said to be highly effective.

a. This tablet should be taken only after the onset of puberty.
b. Pregnant women are advised not to use this tablet.
c. People who are allergic to one of the ingredients in the tablet or who have a low tolerance of glutens are advised to keep off this tablet.
d. Some women might experience irregular menstruation during the first 2 months.