Breast cancer patients have to undergo painful biopsies to determine malignancy of tissues. Research for a non-invasive procedure has been going on for a long time now and Siemens is the first company to make a breakthrough in this new non-invasive breast cancer detection technology. Their eSie Touch Elasticity Imaging is soon going to be introduced in the market for non-invasive breast cancer diagnosis. Preliminary trials have shown that this is an effective method of differentiating between benign and malignant tissues. Experts in this field are hopeful that this will greatly reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies.

Product review
a. The eSie touch elasticity imaging was showcased at the ECR 2007 (European Congress of Radiology) in Vienna, Austria.
b. This device is used to generate identify the various properties of the breast such as stiffness of breast lesions etc.
c. The patient's heart beat and breathe can be used to generate the elastogram.
d. It might be able to differentiate between good and bad breast tissues.
e. It might be able to do away with unnecessary breast biopsies.
f. The software for this procedure is going to be offered with the 5.0 release of the premium edition Acuson Antares ultrasound system from March 2007.
g. This is a very precise procedure.
h. Clinical tests are still going on for this product.
i. This is a non-invasive procedure to diagnose breast cancer.