necessities-bag-breast-reconstruction.jpg With increasing number of women undergoing Mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, there are some essential items one needs to take care to ensure a pain free recovery. A mastectomy patient Mauree Lutz, has put together a list of items patients should take with them before undergoing mastectomy surgery. She has put together a “Necessities Bag” for women undergoing mastectomy surgery.

Mauree Lutz’s “Necessities Bag”
a. The bag contains all the important things a woman might need after her surgery.
b. Soft pillow to pad the surgical area and over which women can put on the seat belt, while returning home.
c. An emery board, and an empty folder and notepad to write down any important information from doctors and nurses.
c. A water bottle, which can be close to women’s bed, such that they don’t have to reach out far with their arms.
d. A roll of LifeSavers and lip balm.
e. A pack of right bandage sizes to change the dressings.
f. White men’s – cotton undershirt to protect women’s clothing and secure their drain tubes.