Some women who have undergone lumpectomy and subsequent radiation to treat breast cancer will have disfigured breasts. As radiation weakens the skin and supporting breast tissue, reconstruction of breasts with implants for them will become difficult. An ongoing research gives a new hope for women with disfigured breast. The research indicates that the women can get the right shape with highly specialized fat grafting techniques. The stem cells in the grafted fat will strengthen the breast tissue and the skin that is radiated to an extent where reconstruction with an implant is more probable.

Procedure Highlights

a. This procedure is not for every woman.
b. A patient should consult only board-certified plastic surgeon.
c. For avoiding death of fat cells, the fat injected must be processed using modern techniques.
d. The regular checkups after the reconstruction are necessary to avoid possible risks.
e. This procedure needs anesthesia. The patient must be careful because of possible swelling, bruising and tenderness at the injection site or donor site.