The FDA has approved SenoRX's Multi-Lumen Radiation Balloon Applicator in radiation therapy of breast cancer patients. A full launch of this product is expected in the first half of 2008 following extensive post-clearance trials in the second half of 2007. This device is expected to have a revolutionary effect in the post-operative treatment of breast cancer patients.

Highlights of the Multi-Lumen Radiation Balloon Applicator
a. This device is used for brachytherapy after breast cancer surgery.
b. It is used for radiation treatment on patients who have had lumpectomy due to breast cancer.
c. The radiation balloon drains out excess fluid using the vacuum technology.
d. It delivers radiation precisely on the irregularly shaped lumpectomy cavities.
e. The radiation is delivered through multiple seed lumens.
f. It provides localized and precise therapy.
g. It is safe and effective.