man-breasts-boobs.jpg Though enlarged breasts is not the most common problem among men, hormonal imbalance and sometimes medications can cause the problem in men. This condition is known as gynecomastia, and can be commonly found in the old men due to hormonal imbalance, malfunction of liver (from aging) or side effects of medications. It is also said that enlarged breasts in men always not the case of gynecomastia, sometimes it might be caused by overweight (the enlarged parts are fatty tissue). And researches reveal that the usage of marijuana, alcohol, methamphetamine and heroin show their adverse effects on the liver's
metabolizing hormones and leads to enlarged breasts. The medications like chemotherapy drugs, heart, antidepressants and treatments for ulcers also significantly result in gynecomastia. Cosmetic surgery is said to be the option for removing enlarged breasts.