There is bad news for plastic surgeons. Lesley Graves, a therapist based in Lancashire, is helping woman increase the size of their breasts by just thinking about it. Though this sounds far fetched, satisfied customers say that this is very effective and saves them the pain of going under a surgeon's scalpel. But skeptics are of the opinion that this is definitely not possible and are rejecting this innovative method. The best part about this therapy is that besides giving women bigger breasts, it also makes them happy.

Program features
a. This is all about the power of the mind.
b. Patients are taken back to the time when they attained puberty through hypnotism.
c. This is done to see if there are any emotional reasons why a person would subconsciously want small breasts.
d. A person is led to relax completely and concentrate on their breasts.
e. Through hypnotism, the mind is stimulated to allow the body to follow its natural direction.
f. This is a much better alternative than invasive procedures like breast enhancement surgeries or silicon implants.
g. Breast enhancement through hypnotherapy costs around £4,000.