A study presented at a recent of The American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) revealed that many insurance companies are denying insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery though the surgery is medically necessary. It is because of the rigid, unfounded conditions to secure coverage.

Reasons for Denial
a. Many number of women are being kept away from the coverage by insurance companies, saying that the medical literature is not congruent with the criteria of their own.
b. The patient should exhibit the signs and symptoms to get the approval that breast reduction is necessary prior to the surgery.
c. Among the symptoms to be exhibited, the amount of tissue removed to reduce breasts has become debatable.
d. Most of the companies demand patients a minimum amount of tissue to be removed to be eligible for insurance and some of the companies demand patients the same thing but irrespective of patient's height and weight.
e. Insurance companies want patients to exhibit the following symptoms for insurance coverage, shoulder, and arm pain, back, neck, bra strap grooves; and numbness in the upper torso.