Breast enhancement procedures have been one the most popular cosmetic procedure for most women. As a woman ages, her skin loses its elasticity and this causes sagging breasts. As a result they turn to enhancement surgeries. Developed by Dr Stevens and Dr Stoker the laser Bra Procedure is ideal for breast reduction, breast lift and breast augmentation. This is a combination procedure that uses laser along with surgery to lift sagging breasts. Hundreds of patients have benefited from this procedure in the last 5 years.

Procedure Highlights
a. It gives a natural look to the breasts.
b. The results are long lasting.
c. It is a safe procedure.
d. It involves the use of general anesthesia.
e. The surgeon makes horizontal and vertical incisions similar to the ones made in a traditional breast lift.
f. Then the excess skin is treated with laser to fabricate an internal bra.
g. After this, the internal bra is attached to the chest wall.
h. The laser is used to de-epithelialize the skin that would have otherwise been discarded.
i. The bra is formed out of the patient's own tissue.
j. This bra holds and supports the breasts and nipples.
k. Then the entire breasts and the nipples are lifted and the excess fat, tissue and skin removed from the sides of the breasts.
l. Dissolving sutures are used to close the incisions.
m. The procedure generally takes two hours.
n. There is very less associated pain, bruising and swelling.
o. Bleeding is minimized in this procedure.
p. There is only a 5-7 days of recovery time.
q. A patient can go back to normal activities after three weeks.

The procedure is performed by Dr. Stevens and Dr. Stoker. To find a laser bra surgeon click here

a. This procedure carries with it the risks associated with the administration of general anesthesia.
b. If the patient experiences excessive weight gain or loss after the procedure, it might require additional breast reduction or breast lift.
c. Some women might experience loss of sensation in the nipples.