Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK. Now, Opaldia, a private breast cancer care provider, is all set to introduce a diagnostic blood test for early stage breast cancer detection in the United Kingdom market. Developed by Norwegian life sciences company DiaGenic ASA, this test is the latest weapon developed to fight breast cancer.

Highlights of the DiaGenic breast cancer blood test
a. This test detects abnormal patterns of gene activity which would not be found in healthy tissue.
b. It detects the gene expression patterns in peripheral blood, which is not taken from the breast.
c. All that is required is a blood sample from women.
d. This test can detect breast cancer in its earliest stages when it is usually undetectable by touch or mammograms.
e. International trials have proved the efficacy of this test.
f. By studying these non-cancer genes, it is possible for experts to detect a specific, distinctive gene expression pattern.
g. It will be available in the UK from 2008.
h. It will be ideal for detecting breast cancer in younger women.

Between £200 and £300