Breast augmentation is opted for not only with the purpose of increasing size but also to correct shape and volume that is lost due to pregnancies, weight loss, breast feeding and age. A new procedure to correct sagging breasts, called the spiral flap, will be presented by experts from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in the later part of October 2008.

Highlights of the spiral flap
a. This procedure involves the fixing of so-called pancake boobs without the use of breast implants.
b. The surgeon removes tissue and fat from the belly or under the arms and shapes it into a breast mound.
c. This is then secured in place with absorbable sutures into a tissue sheet that acts like a sling to hold the flap into position on your chest wall.
d. It lifts and restores deflated and sagging breasts to a more natural, full shape and position.
e. It is ideal for women who have undergone considerable weight loss and related skin elasticity, which creates the sag and the pancake effect.
f. Read more about the spiral flap procedure being performed by Dr. Hurwitz