endoscopic-breast-augmentation.jpgEndoscopic breast augmentation is a new breast augmentation technique that is currently provided only by top-class, plastic surgeons. Right now, Dr. Cambeiro is the only plastic surgeon in the Las Vegas, Nevada area to perform endoscopic breast augmentation surgery.

Voted as Las Vegas Top Doctor in plastic surgery. He says, endoscopic breast augmentation, doesn’t have the drawbacks of scars and prolonged recovery times. During an endoscopic breast augmentation procedure, a very small incision is made in the armpit. Then, the endoscope and surgical devices are inserted and fed to the breast augmentation site. Video of what is happening is displayed on a screen so that the plastic surgeon can complete the breast augmentation procedure.

Since the plastic surgeon is able to see the area on which they are performing the surgery, they are better able to place the breast implant, and create a pocket that will minimize capsular contracture and create a more aesthetic breast augmentation.