Many women undergoing breast reconstruction procedures also opt for new nipples. Till now, the usual solution was stick on silicon nipples. But the disadvantage of this was that it might sometimes fall off. Now a new procedure that involves skin grafting gives lasting and natural looking nipples to patients.

Procedure Highlights
a. This procedure is carried out as day surgery.
b. It involves the use of local anesthesia on the area of skin graft.
c. It involves the grafting of skin from parts of the body that is not visible like the ear or groin.
d. The surgeon cuts out a small circle of skin, about 4 mm in diameter, from the centre of the cross marked on the breast for the nipple.
e. The raw edge of the piece of graft is then joined to the edges all around the circle.
f. It is given the necessary shape and stitched into place.
g. This forms the new nipple.
h. The tiny vessels in the tissue create their own blood supply.
i. The entire procedure takes about an hour.
j. The patient can be discharged after an hour of the procedure with two small dressings to cover the nipples.
k. New dressings are put after a week.
l. Two weeks after the procedure, the new nipples look pink and more natural.
m. After a month the areola is tattooed by a specialist nurse at the hospital.
n. After 6 weeks, the nipples are completely healed.
o. There is hardly any pain.

Approximately £800 at the NHS
£1,600 and £300 for areola tattooing