A breast reconstruction procedure called Oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery has been in existence for the last 15 years. However, with the recent developments in the field of breast-reconstruction surgery, radiation therapy and re-constructive options, the oncoplastic breast conserving surgery is gaining its popularity in the US again.

Procedure review
a. This is a combination of breast cancer and breast reconstruction surgery.
b. Both the surgeries are performed at the same time.
c. A breast cancer surgeon and cosmetic surgeon work together to remove the tumor and reconstruct and reshape the breast.
d. This surgery is performed by using tissue from the patient.
e. It is a feasible alternative to mastectomy
f. The Oncoplastic breast conserving surgery reduces risk of breast deformity and enables cancer patient to save their breast.
h. The surgery is performed along with a radiologist, pathologist, imaging specialists, genetic counselor and also a medical oncologist if chemotherapy is required.
i. This procedure is covered by insurance companies and is safe.

Doctor's performing this procedure
a. Toncred Marya Styblo, MD, Emory University.
b. Albert Losken, MD, Emory University.