Australian women can now easily calculate their risk of developing breast cancer. The website of the National Breast Cancer Centre (NBCC) has introduced an online tool that can calculate the risk factor of a woman from breast cancer.

Highlights of the online risk calculator
a. This is an online tool designed to help women calculate their risk of developing breast cancer.
b. This tool also gives information about breast cancer risk factors.
c. It prescribes lifestyle changes for women who may want to reduce their risk.
d. It also tells what factor has contributed to the risk.
e. A woman has to provide some information like age, family history of breast and ovarian cancer, genetic factors, height, weight, alcohol intake, menstrual and reproductive history and previous breast conditions.
f. Based on this information, the tool tells women whether they fall under 'low or average risk', 'moderately increased risk' or 'potentially high risk' of developing breast cancer.
g. This is meant for women over 20 years of age.