According to a new study, ordinary bras are not very effective when it comes to supporting the breasts. Authored by Joanna Scurr, a biomechanics professor at the University of Portsmouth in England, this study infuses science into the making of undergarments. The findings will be presented at the annual meeting of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences in Bath.

Highlights of the study
a. 70 women with bra sizes ranging from A-cup to extra-large were studied.
b. Sizes like DD, E, FF, G, H, HH, J and JJ were included in the study.
c. The women were made to walk, jog and run wearing different kinds of bra.
d. While the women were exercising, Scurr took biomechanical measurements, including breast movement in three directions: up-and-down, side-to-side and in-and-out.
e. It was seen that while walking, women's breasts moved the same amount in all directions.
f. But while jogging or running, the movement of breasts was more in some directions than others.
g. The study finds that the regular bra's were only preventing the up - down movement of breasts and not side ways movements.
h. Not wearing proper bra's, lead to breast pain in among 50% of the women who exercise.