Mammotome%C2%AE-Biopsy-System.jpg Dr. Melvin J.Silverstein, MD, FACS professor of surgery at Keck School of Medicine, will review the latest minimally invasive breast biopsy findings and present new approaches of breast conserving surgery and oncoplastic procedures. Dr.Silverstein shall host the webcast presentation on of "New Techniques in the Diagnosis and Management of Breast Disease". Dr.DuPree shall demonstrate Mammotome(r) Biopsy System.

Procedure Highlights
a. It is minimally invasive breast biopsy device, with high accuracy. Aids doctors diagnose breast disease, quickly.
b. With this system, breast biopsy can be performed in an outpatient setting.
c. Facilitates accurate diagnosis with minimum pain, scarring and recovery time.
d. The procedure is completed in less than an hour, after which patients can return, and resume their normal activities.
e. It can be used in minimally invasive management of benign lesions, like fibroadenomas, eliminating the need for open surgical biopsy.
f. Can be used under stereotactic ultrasound or MRI guidance.
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