One can always trust the Japanese to come out with innovative products. The latest innovation is bound to make quite a few women sigh with relief. Now, they have an easier alternative to painful surgeries and injections if they wish to increase the size of their breasts. All they have to do is sip on a special tea manufactured by an enterprising Japanese company.

Highlights of the F-Cup tea
a. This tea can apparently increase the size of breasts.
b. It contains 20 mg of sunflower extracts and 50 mg of pueraria mirifica.
c. These herbs are natural breast enhancers.
d. This tea is available only in Japan .
e. One cup is said to contain about 50 calories

The price of the F-Cup tea is $16.50, to buy the tea click here. Note that the pricing is in Japanese Yen ( 1886 ) which is approximately $16.50 USD