Women who had a breast job done find it almost impossible to find the right bra. They often have to change and try on different bra's for comfort, especially when traditional bra's come in conical shape and silicon breasts don't sit right in the bra. Now a special bra for women who have had boob jobs goes on sale in the UK today.

American lingerie firm Le Mystere has introduced their No 9 range in the UK lingerie market. Designed by a leading US cosmetic surgeon, David B. Brothers, these bras have been developed using mathematical precision.

Highlights of Le Mystère No.9
a. This is a collection of patented, innovative, designer bras.
b. These bras are meant for women who had undergone breast augmentation.
c. These bras are designed to perfectly fit the changed shape and size of a reconstructed breast.
d. It is comfortable and fashionable.
e. These bras fit most of the popular implants.
f. The entire collection consists of strapless bras, T-shirt bras with lace accents, front closure T-shirt bras, full lace bras and sheer triangle bras.
g. For a free demonstration, one can send a mail to no9@lemystere.com.

$60 onwards