sports-bras-1705.jpgThe term 'Bra' invokes great interest from both men and women. An upgrade to regular bra was the sports bra born in 1977 and was seen by women as engineering triumph over gravity. Scientist LaJean Lawson has been conducting sports bra research for nearly 20 years to enhance these sports bras. Lawson uses volunteers to conduct research and monitor their breast movement to the minutest details while they are monitored with close focussed cameras.

The average 36C breast is estimated to weigh about 10 ounces. Researchers calculate that a breast of this size, with minimal support, running at about 5.6 mph, will bounce as much as 4.7 inches up and down, relative to trunk movement. A good sports bra can decrease this by about half or more. We know this is one place where all the boy students want to become an intern.