stacked-32dd-reports-from-the-front-susan-seligson.jpg There is something about breasts that seem to bring out women's insecurities. Men, women and child seem to be obsessed with it. Now, Susan Seligson has come up with Stacked: A 32DDD Reports from the Front. Stacked takes us through the authors journey through a culture where breasts have come to stand for all that is woman. Women with big breasts, activists fighting for the right to parade bare-chested in public and women aspiring for larger or smaller breasts are featured in this book. The author talks about the quest for the right bra and explores the world of cosmetic surgeons.

Book Review
a. The book is witty and contains unself-conscious anecdotes.
b. It contains interviews of strippers, cosmetic surgeons, and women who have opted for breast augmentation or reduction.
c. This book reveals the obsession women have with their breasts.
d. Though it costs $23.95, a hardcover copy of this book can be purchased from