Breast augmentation is a popular procedure. In an attempt to improve on existing methods, Dr. Jafar Koupaie, a Brookline dermatologist, has developed a procedure in which stem cells are used instead of silicon. Dr Koupaie has not yet started putting his innovation into practice but he has informed the FDA that he intends to do so soon. Dr. Koupaie will have to apply for an investigational new drug license to proceed, which is the first step before clinical trials and ultimately FDA approval or denial.

Procedure Highlights
a. In this technique, stem cells are used instead of silicon.
b. It involves the injection of a stem-cell concentrated solution into the breast.
c. This is said to be a better alternative than the injection of fat solution alone.
d. The fat and stem cells will be extracted from a woman's stomach during liposuction for injection into her breasts later.
e. It does not involve the use of a new device or manipulation of any cells.
f. It is a more natural procedure.