Fat is usually seen as a natural alternative to breast implants for women who do not want a drastic increase in cup size. However, there is considerable debate among plastic surgeons about the feasibility of using fat grafts for breast enhancement. In fact, this controversy was the subject of a panel discussion at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons conference held recently in Chicago.

Highlights of the discussion
a. According to critics, the safety and effectiveness of injecting extra fat into the breasts is not exactly known.
b. There is no data to substantiate the efficacy of the procedure.
c. There is concern that fat grafts can cause calcium deposits to form in breast tissue, which, on mammograms, can be mistaken for breast cancer.
d. It is a more labor-intensive procedure than a typical breast enhancement surgery.
e. It is also a more expensive alternative.
f. There is no guarantee that fat grafts will survive long-term in the breast.
g. However, advocates say that fat grafts are a safer and more natural choice as the filler used comes from the patient's own body.