buldging-breasts-boys-man-boobs.jpg Nowadays, teenage boys, who are below 18 years of age, are approaching plastic surgeons to reduce their bulging breasts. Teen boys having man boobs or bulging breasts can be a result of numerous factors including hormones, obesity and lack of exercise. However experts say that the bulging breasts in teen boys is caused due to obesity. The increasing cases of teenagers and parents approaching doctors for liposuction to reduce breast size, is worrying doctors.

Medical experts recommendations to correct man boobs
a. Plastic surgeons are not advocating plastic surgery to correct the problem. Teens have to resort to dieting, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to correct the problem. Surgery is only the last option.
b. There is a procedure called “Excision” performed for $1,000 to reduce the chest size.
c. According to the opinion of medical experts, for obese teenagers breast reduction surgery is not entirely, safe, as it has numerous complications.