Breast cancer is a risk that women live with and it is more so with women who have a higher density of breast tissues. This is because mammograms are not very efficient when it comes to detecting cancer in women with dense tissue in their breasts. Besides, with mammograms, there is always the fear of radiation. Keeping this in mind, Westford based Z-Tech, Inc has developed a new technology that detects breast cancer by measuring electrical resistance. After two years of intensive trials and testing on 3,500 subjects, this procedure is ready for experts to review.

Product Review
a. Z-Tech procedure detects tumors in breast by measuring electrical resistance.
b. It is a painless, radiation-free, and less costly alternative to mammography.
c. It has a higher accuracy rate than mammograms.
d. Unlike mammography, it is very effective on women with dense breast tissues.
e. The procedure takes less time and can easily be done a less qualified technician.
f. The procedure involves the attachment of a disposable flower-petal-shaped electrode disc to each breast. A mild current is applied and the acquired data is fed into a computer for immediate analysis.