Breast reconstruction using silicon implants is a popular practice in Australia where about 8,000 women undergo the procedure in a year. However, there is always the risk of capsular conjecture, which makes the breast rock hard, with such implants. Now, Australian cosmetic surgeons have identified a foam covered implant made in Brazil by Silimed, which has been used by South American women for a long time, as the safest alternative. This implant has also received the approval of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the Australian government's regulatory body.

Highlights of the Brazilian implant
a. This is a Brazilian-made implant first used in 1969.
b. It is covered in a layer of polyurethane foam, which feels like suede or fur.
c. It is said to be safe and a better alternative to silicon.
d. It reduces the risk of capsular conjecture by almost 400 per cent.
e. There are hardly any complications.
f. This implant prevents the collagen fibres which surround the implant from sliding over one another and contracting.