Chinese women who wanted bigger breasts have spent hundred pounds at beauty salons for injections of Ao Mei Ding — or Amazing Gel. Nine years after the Government approving the product, the State Food and Drug Supervision Administration decided to ban the Amazing Gel. Chen Huanren, a senior physician at the plastic surgery hospital at the Chinese Academy of Medical Science, blamed government for approving the Gel, without any animal experiments. The gel is forming hard lumps in women’s breasts, causing infections and is migrating around women’s body. The gel had solidified and stuck in womens' breasts. The doctor had to scrape it out with a spoon. But the doctors are unable to remove it all and are recommending a full body scan to try to trace the rest of the material.

Many women have had their breasts removed. About 300,000 people in China had been injected with this “miracle gel”.. The product has been used not only on the face and in breasts, but also for penis enlargement and to narrow the vagina.