Breast implant procedures have been popular for a long time now. In fact, it is a necessity for some women. This is an expensive procedure and many patients often end up looking for cheaper clinics for their surgery. Even going abroad for the surgery can be a cheaper option. However, this is potentially dangerous as there are many commercial establishments that are just money-making institutions. They usually don't have qualified surgeons and post surgical consultation is a rarity. To give women a safer option, leading plastic surgeons in UK have come together and introduced the package. This is a comparatively cheaper option and there are many add on benefits.

Promotion Offerings
a. The breast implants package helps to ensure highest quality and the price of the surgery is £4,250.
b. Free surgical revision is offered to patients if the first surgery goes wrong.
c. They offer free lifetime follow-ups.
d. This service can save women from dangerous commercial clinics.
e. This is the first cosmetic clinic to specialize in breast implants.
f. All the surgeons of Mybreast have British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons accredition.
g. Each patient is assigned one surgeon who follows the whole process through.
h. A patient is charged only £25 as the consultation fee.
i. Women can schedule a consultation by visiting or by calling 0870 780 4000
j. Currently the procedure is highly beneficial for women living in UK