When considering breast augmentation, the only options available for women were saline and silicone gel implants. But now, a novel simple design has been developed that combines the best features of both silicone and saline. A new implant, developed by Ideal Implant Incorporated, which uses a revolutionary new technology, is slated to undergo clinical trials in June 2009.

Highlights of IDEAL implant
a. This is a saline-filled breast Implant.
b. It is designed to offer the natural result of silicone gel.
c. At the same time, it offers the safety of a saline implant.
d. It consists of a series of implant shells of increasing size put together.
e. The internal perforated shells control saline movement to reduce “sloshing and bouncing.”
f. It conforms to the chest wall with the edge low so that there is no unattractive wrinkling on the sides.
g. It requires a relatively small incision since it is inserted empty and then each lumen filled with saline through self-sealing valves.
h. It allows sub-muscular or sub-glandular position with standard surgical techniques.
i. It is available in 14 different sizes.

Clinical Trial
a. 500 women are expected to participate in the clinical trial to be held this month.
b. This trial is set to provide the FDA with the data needed to establish the safety and effectiveness of the implant.
c. The trial is open to healthy women who are undergoing a first breast augmentation or the replacement of their existing augmentation implants.
d. Interested women can make a consultation appointment with one of the plastic surgeon investigators to get acquainted and learn about both the benefits and risks of breast augmentation.
e. There is a unique follow-up incentive plan to patients who complete all required follow-up visits for the trial.
f. To enroll in clinical trial click here or one can visit