US firm Cytori, has developed a breast recopnstructive procedure that can be done in an hour. This procedure, called Celution, is already approved in Germany and is likely to be launched in Europe in 2008. Though it is an expensive option, it is safer than other implants.

Highlights of the Celution procedure

a. This is an invasive procedure.
b. It involves a simple operation where fat rich in stem cells are extracted from the stomach or bottoms.
c. This fat is harvested via a minor liposuction procedure.
d. The stem cells are separated and after about an hour a supercharged dose of stem and regenerative cells is injected into the breasts.
e. The breasts then enlarge over a period of 6 months.
f. This procedure will be initially available for breast cancer patients with partial mastectomies who go in for reconstructive surgery.
g. It will gradually be offered as a cosmetic procedure to women who want bigger breasts.
h. This is a more natural alternative to silicon implants.
i. Clinical trials are still underway.

A few thousand pounds per breast.