free-breast-implants-real-radio.jpg This is a show with a difference. 104.1 FM station in Orlando, Fla, is recruiting women to undergo free breast implants and then party for 30 hours at one go. Though most of the women auditioning are enthusiastic about this show there are voices of concern also. The effects of such an activity could be adverse and there is the possibility of complications.

Program Highlights
a. This is a show that will be posted live on the Internet.
b. It will show women partying for 30 hours immediately after free breast implants.
c. Auditions are on to find participants.
d. The winner will be the woman who parties the hardest.
e. The host of the show is radio personality Tiffany.
f. The competition for the surgery will be towards the end of April.
g. The winner of the show will get a free breast augmentation.

Promotion Flaws
a. The doctor who is performing the free implant procedure is on probation with the health department for clerical mistakes.