Seeking an alternative to expensive silicon implants, Russian scientists had developed a mysterious yellow substance that was used as a breast implant. This came to light after two women checked into Safed's Seiff hospital following severe infections. The health ministry has asked for an investigation and warned women who have already had these implants during the 1980s and 1990s to immediately get themselves checked by a doctor.

Mysterious Bio-gel used in former USSR for breast implants
a. Instead of the popular silicon, most of the implants were a mysterious material called Bio-gel.
b. It is yellow in colour and has the consistency of banana puree.
c. This was injected directly into the breast tissue of women.
d. It was widely used in Russia and Ukraine.
e. It was hyped as a natural implant.
f. Despite laboratory testing, this material has not yet been identified.
g. At times, fat from cadavers was also implanted in breasts.

Fallout of this practice
a. Many women have complained of chest pain and infections.
b. Many women complained of disfigurement that required corrective surgeries.
c. At times, more than 3 surgeries are required to fully drain out this substance.
d. All hospitals have been asked to report any infected cases that might come to them.
e. Women who have had implants during the 1980s and 1990s have been asked to get themselves checked immediately.