Women undergoing breast implant procedures have to put up with the drawbacks of silicon implant and saline breast implants. Moreover, the implants, at times, ends up looking unnatural. Now, German medical authorities have given their approval to the Stemcell process, which allows women to grow natural breast implants. This technique was first used in 2004 in Japan and till date 38 women have been treated with it. It has been found that this technique does not have major side effects. However, it still remains to be seen whether it is sustainable in the long run.

Procedure Review
a. A woman's stem cells are harvested by scientists.
b. These cells are then mixed with general fat cells and injected back into the patient's breast.
c. This procedure can lead to the formation of new fat cells and help blood vessels to grow into new breast tissue.
d. These tissues make the breast implant look more natural than synthetic implants.
e. Most plastic surgeons will be able to perform this technique in 5 years' time.
f. It is an effective alternative to silicon implants and can negate the effects of radiotherapy.
g. The companies which have been researching on this new technique are Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura ( Assistant Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Tokyo ) and Cytori