adjustable-breast-implants-efficacy.jpg There are many procedures in the market for breast reconstruction and augmentation. However, considering that there has been a decline in insurance coverage for breast augmentation procedures and also due to the many complications that arises from a procedure, a study was conducted to determine the best breast implant procedure that can be employed for optimum results. The study zeroed in on a procedure called adjustable implants.

Study Findings
a. This study reviewed 322 consecutive cases of patients who have had adjustable breast implants n 14 years.
b. The average patient age was 46 years.
c. All patients were candidates for the permanent, smooth and adjustable breast implant in the subcutaneously layer of the lower half of the breast.
d. The study showed that the success of the implant depended on the use of shaping sutures, the placement of biopsy incisions and the initial debridement of mastectomy flaps.
e. Patients expressed satisfaction on the aesthetic front.
f. It was concluded that this procedure had less complications thn other breast implant procedures.
g. Adjustable breast implants are offered by Mentor Corp