Here, are mentioned 10 reasons why you should avoid breast implants.

1. Getting breast implants is painful. You must massage your breasts everyday to break up the tissue in your breasts. This tissue is trying to protect the body from these foreign objects. If you don't break up this tissue, your doctor will have to and it will be much, much more painful. Regardless, it's painful either way.

2. Sometimes breast implants aren't what you were expecting. Sometimes things go wrong and you are left with breasts that are misshaped.

3. Breast implants may cause infections, sometimes.

4. Men would rather prefer a woman with small breasts than large, fake breasts, bulged with implants.

5. Breast implants are not permanent. You must have your breast implants replaced every 10-15 years.

6. Breast implants are expensive. To get breast implants you'll pay up to $10,000.

7. As long as a doctor has been certified to do surgery, they can put in breast implants. They don't have to specialize in breast augmentation. This means, that if you don't do the proper research, you could end up with breasts that look disfigured or have horrible infections.

8. Breast implants do not feel like real breasts. Most women complain that after getting breast implants their breasts were hard as rocks.

9. Breast implants can rupture. If you have breast implants you must be careful and protect your breasts more than you would have before.

10. Sometimes when you get breast implants, the nerves that lead to your nipples can be damaged resulting in loss of feeling in that area.