Women who fear going on the surgical table can now rejoice. The silicon bra is here. It is a painless alternative to invasive procedures like breast implants and augmentation. Though this bra has been the focus of societal ire for its flashing innuendoes, it has nevertheless caught the imagination of women desiring a silicon implant. This unique bra has silicon outside it to give an amazing effect.

Product Features
a. These are bras that light up.
b. This bra has silicon outside the bra.
c. The silicon gives shape to the geometric pattern printed on the bra.
d. This bra has 31 LEDs on each side.
e. It comes in a variety of colors and eight flashing patterns.
f. The base of the bra is seamless.
g. It gives an optical effect of a nude body with lights flashing from inside the skin.
h. These cost $600 each, to buy click here.