Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure chosen by millions of women every year. However, the common silicon implant comes with a lot of side effects. At times, patients experience a painful hardening of breast tissues and breast deformity. All these call for corrective surgery which is again a long drawn out process. Seeking to avoid these problems, cosmetic surgeons are recruiting 3000 Australian women to test a new metal implant. According to initial tests, only one in 80 implanted patients experienced some complications.

Metal Breast Implants
a. These are titanium implants made in Europe.
b. A silicon gel implant is coated with an invisible layer of titanium mesh so that there is no deformity.
c. This implant will ensure that the body will not react adversely as is the case, at times, with silicon implants.
d. However, further research is needed to determine whether these implants will interfere with mammograms or airport scanners.
e. It is believed that these implants will lower rates of capsular conjecture which makes reconstructed breasts hard and deformed.
f. The titanium breast implants were created by Dr. Ziya Saylan, to read more about the implants visit saylanmd.com
g. The mesh implants serve as an internal bra avoid breast sagging.