Axis Three, the manufacturer of surgical simulation tools, has launched the XS-300 Surgical Simulation Platform in collaboration with leading US plastic surgeons. This platform is meant to ease the consultation process for women opting for Breast Implants. Optimists say that with the introduction of this platform, the consultation process for patients who are looking to get breast implants will be redefined.

Highlights of the XS-300 Surgical Simulation Platform
a. This is meant for breast surgeries.
b. Here, the surgeon uses the patient's image and presents it in photo-realistic 3D format.
c. It allows surgeons to visually communicate and collaborate the outcomes of the procedures.
d. It also enables the surgeons to take accurate volumetric and linear measurements from the patient's 3D model.
e. It allows the results of the actual surgery to be simulated, measured and viewed from all angles.
f. It is ideal for breast augmentation, breast lifts, reduction and reconstruction.
g. The surgeon can simulate specific implant sizes with the help of this platform.
h. It allows the surgeon to give a realistic picture to patients.
i. It leads to better surgical outcomes