mischa-barton-sub-zero-sizes.jpg Remember the good old days when plumpness was a way of life? This was before the days of movies and television. Even in the 1950s, a size 12 was the norm. Many women aspired for the ideal weight but they were not obsessed with being thin. Gradually, weighing less became fashionable and, now, models with subzero sizes are walking the ramp and more and more fashion designers are hiring models with less than a zero size.

Fashion Trend
a. Most leading fashion enthusiasts are unnaturally thin.
b. Young women tend to be carried away by seeing glamorous models on the ramp and they aspire to be as thin as them.
c. Starving for weight loss and achieving sub-zero sizes could lead to eating disorders.
d. Ideas of beauty keeps changing, but striving to achieve subzero size is unhealthy.
e. In a study conducted by Social Issues Research Center in England has found that the average figure of a model is 5’ 9” and weights 110 pounds. Models now weigh almost 23% less than most other women today.
g. However, this has been welcomed enthusiastically by naturally thin women who, till now, found it impossible to get the right size of clothes.
h. Designers including Nicole Miller and Banana Republic are offering sizes 00.