At the 64th annual Golden Globe Awards held on 15th January 07, the celebrity stars have made a dent with their glittering appearance. But behind the screen (of these stars) are many renowned makeup artists, beauticians and many more, who have made untiring efforts to make these celebs look young with glittering looks. Some of the products and services by stylists offered to celebs are mentioned below.

Celebrity Style Trends
a. Celebs have selectively undergone botox, microdermabrasions and fruit acid peels and were more inclined for non-invasive procedures to ward off aging signs. Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Steven A. Burres was approached by several stars to make them look younger.
b. Dr. Burres mentions that celebs were also crazy about mesotherapy a non-invasive therapy ($850) to eliminate unwanted fat bulges, on the body.
c. Stars evinced keen interest in undergoing Martyn’s Resculpting Facial ($460), at Tracie Martyn salon in Manhattan. The facial is a combination of custom-made creams, massage etc. It firms up the skin, leaving it with glow.
d. Tracie Martyn’s Firming Serum and her line of all-natural skin-care products have won the confidence of celebs. The firming serum is priced at $185.00, to buy click here
e. The year’s emerging trend is the retro look and celebrity stylist Lisa Monette, founder of OnLocationArtists has styled many starts this year to get the hot look.
e. Jeanne Yang a celebrity stylist and image consultant of Cloutier Agency does all important work of making amazing gown or suit that fits perfect to the celebs.