Botox and cosmetic surgery makeover is common in the entertainment industry. Most stars in their 50s look like they are still in they their early 30s. And now, producers are no longer amused by this. This trend has forced them to look for actors who have a natural look. The worst sufferers are TV show producers, where there are more close ups.

Hollywood and Botox
a. Thanks to high definition cameras and giant flat screen TVs, unnatural looking fillers on the face are visible on screen.
b. Flaws like facelift scar, overly peeled and pulled skin and extra-firm foreheads, which were earlier hidden by makeup is now visible.
c. Injected fillers freeze facial expressions.
d. Fox now carries on in- screen tests for TV roles to see how cosmetic treatments will look on screen.
e. Big production houses like Warner Bros. now look for cast abroad like England and Canada where Botox is not so common.
f. Script writers have to include plastic surgery in the roles of characters.
g. Stars who are naturally old are paid much more.