celebrity-secrets.jpg With the Golden Globe Awards ceremony just finished and Oscars just round the corner, stars are off on a trip to look exceptionally glamorous and beautiful. Of course, it is hard work, But it is well worth the effort. With the spotlights on them and the paparazzi on their trails, they have to look their best. Here, we let out a few secrets that they guard zealously.

Hollywood Secrets
a. All the celebs have a tanned glow on the red carpet. The tan gives a glow to the skin and can even make muscles even more pronounced. The celebrity spray tanner who has worked wonders on many stars recommends skin tan products which are available at jimmyjimmycoco.com
b. Undergarments that give shape to the body are quite necessary. These undergarments usually start from under the bust line and ends at the top of the knees. The recommended product is Spanx which helps conceal love handles, waistline spillage and cellulite
c. For those who plan to wear a backless gown, there are silicon cups that can be fitted over each breast. The Flex Body Bra by Fredricks is celebs preferred bra.
d. To show off cleavage, there are the surgical and electrical tapes that push the breasts together. Body tapes are sold at Intimacy, a Gold Coast lingerie boutique
e. Keeping sweat at bay is also not a problem. This can be done with an injection of botox in the underarms which curb the sweat glands or prescription drug Drysol, which dries up sweat glands.
f. Stars also resort to hair extensions and fake eyelashes for a lush look.
g. Airbrushed make-up is also popular as it hides wrinkles and marks on the skin.