Hillary Clinton's new look is the talk of town. Suddenly, she looked years younger and radiantly beautiful. Is this the result of botox? People are suddenly debating about this and her popularity seems to have jumped. Not only that, with her dazzling appearance, she has ensured that she remains in the minds of the public for a long time to come. Not a bad thing at all, considering that this is election time. The buzz in the political circles is that Hillary's transformation on Sunday night's televised CNN debate is more of a discussion topic than John Kerry's botox transformation in 2004 & John Edwards $400 haircuts.

Highlights of Hillary Clinton's new look
a. It was noticed that Hillary's looks changed overnight.
b. Her skin looked radiant and flawless.
c. She looked years younger.
d. Her jawline looked chiseled.
e. According to rumors, this is the result of botox injection.
f. Others are convinced that this new look is the result of spectacular make up or fillers or microdermabrasion.
g. This changed appearance also seems to have given her that extra zest and confidence.