ll-cool-j-platinum-workout.jpg Good news for fitness freaks. Hip-Hop artist and actor, LL Cool J, will be giving away his secrets in his book which is slated for release this month. His muscular physique has been admired by fans and especially women. His book will feature fitness plans for men and women to lose inches and shape up.

Book Review
a. This book is authored by LL Cool J, Dave Honig and Jeff O'Connel.
b. This book reveals the actor's secrets to a great body.
c. It gives tips on how to maintain the physique and is meant for the average person who needs to be motivated to stay fit.
d. This book could be the first in a series of lifestyle books to be authored by the actor.
e. The price of this book is $ 27.95 though it can be purchased online at amazon.com.
f. This book has a 4-week plan for beginners, a 5-week plan for intermediates and a 3-week 'fat torching' plan for overachievers.
g. There is a 4-week plan for women who want to get into shape fast.
h. It has meal plans, recipes and tips for anyone wanting to build muscles or burn fat.